In 1995, I got flown from Australia to the Galapagos islands in order to work on one of the few operating scuba diving yachts availiable at that moment. From that arrival moment I knew this place was very special one.

Scuba diving was the tool that got me on a deeper lever of caring for our oceans but surfing was my very first and most powerful connection to it. Surfing took me out of the ordinary world, gave me new friends, took me to places, gave me feelings that no other activity had such as a big wave drop or to be inside of a big, crystal water barrel!

Easy to understand that it was a very easy equation that followed after my arrival on the Galapagos islands.

A few surfers were around in the our early surfing days but most of them worked on yachts as naturalist guides so not often was somone to surf with at that moment on some of the local surf spots. I surfed literally alone for days. Of course, when someone was around to surf with, it was a bit more fun.

In 1997 got an invitation to go onboard a sail boat with some pro surfers. What a trip! it was a true eye opener about the surf potential on the Galapagos islands.

We surfed several islands and of course my desire to discover some more was on. After that event, adventourous surfers started to show up requesting my little knowledge available at that moment and off we went to discover some new spots. The rest is as they said, history!

Plenty of surf spots are found all over the Galapagos islands. From long fun point breaks to perfect A frames reefs. From big challenging slabs to perfect and mechanical breaks. All the waves break on some of the most bizarre and idilic locations that the Pacific has to offer. Of course, lets not forget the local flora and fauna that is not finded anywhere else in the world!

Marine and land iguanas, giant tortoises, fligthless cormorants, blue footed bobbies and penguins are easily spotted at this magical place. Other species found are sea turtles, tropical fish, pacific hammerheads sharks and the always playful Galapagos sea lions!


In the year 2001 a group of friends and I created the first all inclusive surf camp in latin america. We choosed San Cristobal island as it harbours the largest amount of world class waves and because it is exposed to plenty of swells from the NW, from the S and from the SW.

In the behalf of our staff, we really hope that one day you choose the Galapagos Islands as your surf destination. You will be amazed not only by its waves but the magic of the perhaps best kept national park in the world!


Eddie Salazar




The house


Since 2017 we have moved our op to SEA SIDE VILLA wich is managed by a local Galapaguenian family. It offers 10 suites with all the amenities needed in order to create a very coMfortable stay. All the suites are 64 square meters in size and they all offer queen size beds, private bathrooms, air conditioning, hot and cold water, etc. Some of the suites are ocean view and some are pool view. Our villa also offers a swiming pool, a BBQ area, bar, surfboard’s racks, towels, WiFi and an a host.


Our operation is focused in get you and your party to the best breaks based on the info given on that week of your stay. In order to do so, we count with 2 fiberglass covered tenders with outboard engines. These boats are used to get you to the near by breaks (6) as many times as requested during the day. For our visits to loberia beach (3 miles away ) we count with a double cabin truck.


The surf / when to come?

Surf at the Galapagos is available year around being the best time / best waves during the northern hemisphere’s autum, winter and spring. Better said from December trough July.

Loberia: A powerful A frame reef break located on a pristine White sand beach.

Cannons: A fun, perfect left with some nice tube sections.

Carola: The jewel of the Galapagos. A freigthtrain ready to challenge you.

Outer reef: Powerful at low tide and fun at high tide. Lefts and rigths.

Tongo reef: A 300 hundred yards perfect left. 3 sections to choose from with some barrel
sections Fast and fun!


Other breaks on the island?

Yes, and they are awesome! During the NW swells, expeditions to the north coast will be organised on board a 38 feet walk around boat that offers skipper and a deck hand. Showers, lunch, soft drinks and towels available. This is only under request and depending on the swell direction.


Our total surf population is around 30 surfers in the entire island! so the chances that you will surf on your own or with a couple of friends is rather high!

Our staff

Our staff es experinced, pasionate and bilingual. We employ 3 naturalist / surf guides, 2 boat drivers, 1 truck driver. All the management and activities are supervised by Eddie Salazar.

How to get there?

In order to get to the Galapagos, a stop over is required either in Guayaquil (GYE) or Quito (OUI) cities. We recomend to take red eyes in order to avoid unwanted overnigth stays in any of the cities mentioned before.

From the US: There are several cities to depart from being the best ones Houston, LA, Miami, NY and Fort Lauderdale.

NOTE: UNITED Airlines has a no charge politic for surfboards. NY city offers 2 red eye flights every night.

How it Works?

During your stay, a naturalist / surf guide will be asigned to your group  (no more tan 10 persons any given week ). The guide will take care of all the logistic needed during your stay including transfers from and to the airport, surf excursions and nature / snorkel sessions. The guide will also organise the speed boats and the car (if needed) in order to keep you bussy ( yes, you can also chill if our tempo is to much for you ). This aproach will allow everyone to surf as many times per days as you and the group wish.


Our camp only offers breakfast as we think that part of the experience should be to go out and try some of the local restaurants / bars and meet with the locals. Several choices available. However, we do have a chef service availiable upon request. Seafood very popular over here. Vegetarians are very welcome. A few bars and nighclubs are found near by the house.


We offer unlimited drinking water ( please bring a re chargeable container as we prefer that you dont buy water on plastic containers ). Beer and alcohol purchase is available at the house.

What is included?

    - 7 nigths accomodation at SEASIDE VILLA

    - Breakfast

    - Naturalist / surf guide

    - Unlimited water and land transport to the surf breaks

    - Unlimited drinking water

   - Host

   - Transfers to and from the airport

   - Ecuadorean taxes

   - Unlimited snorkel sessions (we recomend to bring your own equipment)

What is not included?

   - Lunches

   - Dinners

   - Alcoholic berverages

   - National park entrance fee (100 USD per person)

   - Consejo de gobierno tax (20 USD per eprson)

Are other surf / islas extentions?

The Galapagos is a huge archipelago but not all the islands offers world class surf. We do organise surf expeditions to Santa Cruz and Isabela islands. Great and empty waves but with difficult access. This can be organised only under request

Other activities

This magnificent national park offers a vast amount of activities. All of them are world class such as scuba diving, SUP, sport fishing, free diving, hikes, mountain biking, snorkeling, endemic wild life spoting and kayaking. This create the perfect destination not only to wave starved guests but to their families and non surfers friends tagging along. All of them can be organised upon request on site for an aditional cost.

Who should come?

Everyone is welcome to join us! Over the years we have learnt to take care at the same level not only hardcore surfers but family members, girlfriends and boyfriends, non surfers friends, pros / amateurs and nature lovers from all over the world.


Are kids welcome?

Of course! kids under 12 years old will be located on an extra bed. Max 2 kids per suite (using a double bed suite). There are several sandy beaches near by the house, a couple of coves and Sandy bays where the kids can hang out. Safe swimming and great snorkeling spots.


The cost?

The price per person is 1695 USD

Kids under 12 years old the Price is 500 USD ( max 2 kids per suite )

Is AmangalaSurfCo a registered tour operator?

Yes, AmangalaSurfCo is a fully acredited and insured tour operator Company under the Ecuadorean ministery of tourism. Our registration number (RUC) is 0993057657001.

Payment procedure

We have been taking PayPal payment for the last 8 years. Bank to bank payments are also recomended.

Cancellation policies

A deposit of 500 USD per person is required upon a confirmed reservation. Rest of the payment needs to be done 30 days before the arrival date.

In the case of a cancelation 60 or more days before arrival, a total refound will be provided.

59 to 30 days prior arrival, a 50% of the deposit will be refounded.

29 days or less prior arrival, there will be a no refound politic applied but you can apply for a later stay with us.

Looking for to have you all with us!

Kind regards

Eddie Salazar

CEO AmangalaSurfCo